October 25, 2018
His passion for the process of information production and consumption seems to be the driving force that led Donald Kerry Frey to create both of his news sites, Frey Robotics (freyrobotics.com) and The Nova Tribune (novatribune.org). The impetus for establishing Frey Robotics is Donald's belief in the possibility of informing people about technological progress in a way that makes them less fearful of the future and more likely to accept the developments our world is making. Though robotics promise to Likewise, Donald Kerry Frey created the Nova Tribune news site as a way to present the news in a way that respects all sides of every argument, and not just one or two. Donald Kerry Frey has always shown that he has a passion for information production and information consumption, which is why he has always tried to understand how people use information and how such information can be used to make everyone in the world smarter and more informed. Donald Kerry Frey believes his background as a tech entrepreneur has given him the ability to make successes of both sites and perhaps others.
April 25, 2018
The primary reason tech entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey decided to establish his twin media projects, Nova Tribune (novatribune.org) and Frey Robotics (freyrobotics.com) was based on roughly the same idea he has always believed in; information is power. The more people know, the more they understand, and the more people understand, the less anxious and stressed out they will be. In short, access to the best information is in many ways the best way to ensure happiness. The more accepting people are of the changing world around them, which means there will be less societal division. Because access to the right information relieves anxiety, he has designed both publications to spread the best information in a unique way.

Basically, Donald Kerry Frey set up his news site, Nova Tribune, as a way to fill a gap in news reporting. The news space has always featured plenty of websites that presented news and information, but they tend to approach the news from either one side or another. Nova Tribune attempts to do something different; to present the news from an approach that is even handed, in that it presents all sides of each news story. Donald Kerry Frey believes Nova Tribune to be a viable alternative for news consumers who want to be informed by articles reflecting many fields and interests, without the bias inherent in other news sites.

It was from a similar perspective that Donald Kerry Frey decided to establish Frey Robotics. This tech news site came out of a knowledge that it is more than possible to inform people about the latest technology in a way that gives them peace of mind and may in fact spark some sort of innovation that could improve technology, at the same time the information makes them less anxious about things like robotics, which is actually a positive for the future.